Science degree: Doctor of Medical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Place of work: Hospital and Scientific Research Institute Halberg, Civil Lines, Moradabad-10 (UP) 244001, India.

Position: Director of the Halberg hospital (India), editor of the World Heart Journal (USA), President of the Tsim Tsoum Institute (Poland), Vice-president of the World Council of Body & Mind (India).

Google scholar, Sсopus: 7408225738.

Honorary employee of the Halberg center of chronobiology, Minnesota University, Minneapolis, USA. The president of the Tsim Tsoum Institute, Krakov, Poland. The member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Former president and founder of the Indian Society of Hypertension. International College of Cardiology and International College of Nutrition.

Specialty code: 1.5.5. – Human and animal physiology (medical sciences).