Subjects of research projects conducted by the biomedical technology center in 2020

Justification of chronobiological approach in the practice of rehabilitation measures for athletes: search for markers of internal desynchronosis and development of methods of chronooptimization of sports performance with the use of biologically active substance (BAS) of plants from the Black Sea coast (Classification number: «ХП-ВМ-16/20»)
Trialability of the hardware and software complex “Svetofon 9” on the groups of elite athletes of situation-based sports and development of resource materials for its use (Classification number: «Светофон 9»)
Development of methods of express-control of performance technique of weightlifting exercises by elite athletes in training activities conditions
Development of scientific-based suggestions and information systems of testing for implementation of judo exercises in their initial forms in programs of physical education and preparation of underage children based on their psychological and functional fitness in terms of preparation of sports reserve team (Classification number: «Дзюдо-20»)