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Koryagina Yu. V. Use of information technologies for research of temporal and spatial technologies / Yu.V. Koryagina, S. V. Nopin // Successes of modern natural science. - 2004. - No. 4. - C. 40. - Access mode (accessed 19.02.2019)

Currently, there is a need to develop and implement new information technologies in the field of research of human abilities. After analyzing the needs and requirements for software for diagnostic and research activities, we have developed computer programs for the study of temporal and spatial properties of man "Researcher of temporal and spatial properties of man” (ivps) and" Determinant of the individual unit of time " (OIEV). The ivps program contains a set of tests (13 tests) for the experimental study of the perception of time and space, psychomotor abilities of a person, the properties of the nervous system, as well as the level of development of the physical quality of dexterity (coordination abilities). When composing the tests, descriptions of techniques were used to determine the reaction time and the individual minute (IM) (N . And. Moiseeva et al., 1985), properties of the nervous system (tapping test) (EP. Ilyin, 1987), processes of perception of space and time (estimation of the angular speed, the playback duration of a time interval filled with light and an audible signal, assessing and measuring the magnitude of the cuts, evaluation values for angles in degrees, recognition for angles, determination of the volume rotation angle) (Yu. V. Koryagina 2001-2003; S. V. Nopin, Yu. V. Koryagina, 2003). The ivps program is designed for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and NT operating systems. The program has a friendly user interface, allows you to easily use the automation and information processing tools that are available in modern personal computers. The system provides quick testing and results processing methods of mathematical statistics with the ability to display collected data in Microsoft Excel or in text file format txt. The program is registered with the Russian patent and trademark Agency (certificate
No. 2004610221 of 19 January 2004), included in the database of the International scientific and technical center. JINR program allows you to determine the individual unit of time, type of temperament, properties of the nervous system, behavior, propensity to various activities, certain sports, predisposition to certain diseases. Testing takes 5-7 minutes. The program is based on the methodology of B. I. Tsukanov (2000). The individual unit of time is its own unit of time by which the duration directly experienced is measured. The test is based on the memorization of both light and sound stimulus duration from 2000 to 6000 MS, appearing in random order. The subject replays the intervals filled with the stimulus by pressing buttons on the computer keyboard. The time estimate is measured using a system timer by calculating the difference between the start time of a light or sound stimulus and the end time. The calculation of the duration of an individual unit of time is made by a special formula (Tsukanov B. I., 2000). The program is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/XP and NT operating system. It provides fast processing of the results and outputs the data to a Microsoft Excel file and as a conclusion to a text file. Both programs are protected from unlicensed copying and use. Thus, when starting to create software for testing human abilities, it is necessary to consider in detail the final appearance of the created product and a convenient interface for data exchange with popular office systems. Ivps and JINR programs are professional-level programs. They can be used for scientific research in the field of physical culture and sport (in the selection of the different types of sports, forming teams, prediction of performance), where required experimental investigation of the processes of perception of time and space, psychomotor abilities, level of development of coordination abilities (when training for the Ministry of defence, Ministry of emergency situations, Ministry of internal Affairs), as well as in psychology, pedagogy, staff.