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Salova Y. P. characteristics of the rhythmic organization of autonomic systems ensure skiers / Y. P. Salova Y. V. Koryagina // Bulletin of RPFU, series Medicine. 2012. - No. 7-P. 192.

The paper presents experimental data on the rhythmic organization of systems of vegetative support of skiers. The study was carried out with the help of agroindustrial complex "Spiro-spectrum" and "REO-spectrum". It was revealed that skiers-arrhythmics have a more pronounced rhythmic organization of Central and peripheral hemodynamics, respiratory system in comparison with persons not involved in sports. Psychophysiological features affect the characteristics of the circadian rhythmic organization of skiers. It was revealed that skiers-cholerics have a more pronounced organization of rhythms of vegetative support systems. In sports activities it is important to take into account the chronotype of the athlete. It is revealed that the subjective assessment of the chronotype does not reflect the true picture of the rhythmicity of physiological systems of the body, and therefore in determining the chronotype it is necessary to rely on objective indicators of acrophases of the leading systems of the body. The study showed that the acrophases of the respiratory system indicators of skiers fall in the afternoon-18-19 hours, hemodynamics-in the morning 7-8 hours.