Science degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Place of work: FSBI “North-Caucasian Federal Research-Clinical Center of Federal Medical and Biological Agency”, Essentuki.

Position: Chief editor deputy, Head of the biomedical technology center of the FSBI NCFRCC of the FMBA of Russia

SPIN-code: 2561-9482, AuthorID: 140455, ORCID: 0000-0001-5468-0636, Wos ResearcherID: 2823-2013, Scopus: 55961321400, google scholar: xxxy2d0AAAAJ

The author of more than 400 scientific works, including 7 monographs, 23 learning guides, 15 certificates of intellectual property. High achiever of physical culture, member of the task group of chronobiology and chronomedicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She trained 5 PhDs of Biological Sciences and 1 PhD of Medical Sciences Hirsch index is 22, citation index of RSCI is 1664.

Professional activities are related to the development and scientific justification of methods of diagnostics and recovery of athletes.

Specialty code: 1.1.10. – Biomechanics and bioengineering (biological sciences); 1.5.5. – Human and animal physiology (biological sciences); 5.8.5. – Theory and methodology of sports (pedagogical sciences).

She is also a member of the editorial boards of other journals, which are “Theory and practice of Physical Culture”, “Health resort medicine”.