Science degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Place of work: Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute

Position: Head of the scientific and educational center for physical education and sports training

AuthorID: 434596, ORCID: 0000-0002-8670-9042.

Actively conducts research work in two relevant fields: “Management of the training process of elite athletes:” and “Health and behavior of young students”. As a result of his research activity, he published 75 scientific and methodical articles, 3 learning guides. Actively takes part in republic and international conferences. Participates in collaborative research and educational projects with specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. He successfully combines pedagogical activity with practical work on elite athletes training. He trained 15 Master of Sports of Kazakhstan Republic, 7 Masters of Sports of International Class, among which 6 of them became champions and prizewinners of Asia and World Weightlifting Championship.

Specialty code: 5.3.2. – Psychophysiology (psychological sciences); 5.8.4. – Physical culture and professional physical training (pedagogical sciences); 5.8.5. – Theory and methodology of sports (pedagogical sciences).

Membership in other editorial boards: member of the "Russian Journal of Sports Medicine: Medicine, Physiology, Training", "Olimp" (Russia), "Yuan-Sport" (Uzbekistan) editorial boards.