List of articles in category Journal issue Volume 5 №4 for 2021
Samojlova V.A., Kobrinskij M.E. Intersubject connections in the development of coordinating abilities of primary schoolchildren with mild intellectual disability
Gorskaya I.Yu., Shkred M.D., Bajmalova L.G. Effectiveness of developing rhythmic abilities in young track-and field athletes
Korosteleva M.M., Kobel’kova I.V., Kobel’kova M.S. Some features of biomedical support of transgender athletes and non-binary people in sports
Sevost'yanova M.S., Loginova I.O., Semichev E.V. Features of psychological experience of 7-11 year old athletes with different types of vegetative regulation
Rzhanov A.A., Matrosova E.N., Tiguntsev S.A., Kugno E.E. Improvement of game actions in beach volleyball
Bykov E.V., Koshkina K.S., Sidorkina E.G., Balberova O.V. Relationship between morphofunctional parameters of the cardiovascular system and sports performance of soccer players of various roles
Vereshchagina S.V., Smirnova I.N., Abdulkina N.G., Barankin B.V. The effectiveness of using maral velvet antlers in the correction of immune dysfunction in athletes
Minvaleev R.S., Mamaeva O.P., Pavlova N.E., Sсherbak S.G. A new method for estimating the mountain climate effect on healthy and sick people
Nopina V.S., Koryagina Yu.V. Morphofunctional state of 3-4 year old children who engage in physical culture with beginner judo exercises
Kalinina I.N., Tarasenko A.A., Kobets A.V., Belova V.A. Physical and technical fitness, psychophysiological features of soccer players with hearing loss
Smirnova I.N., Tonkoshkurova A.V., Antipova I.I., Levizkaya T.Е. Effectiveness of external use of electropulse extract of maral velvet antlers in patients with arterial hypertension
Miryutova N.F., Samojlova I.M., Barabash L.V., Tsekhmejstruk E.A. Prevention of pre-nosological disorders in river transport personnel
Abutalimov A.Sh. Functional state of the neuromuscular apparatus and hemodynamics of the lower limbs of track-and-field athletes
Vybornaya K.V., Radzhabkadiev R.M., Klochkova S.V., Nikityuk D.B. Assessment of the physical development of soccer players with the method of indices
Tarabrina N.Yu. Quality of life of students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic according to the SF-36 questionnaire
Abutalimova S.M., Nopin S.V. Characteristics of stimulation and surface electromyography of elite weightlifters at rest and with specific sports loads
Titskaya E.V., Antipova I.I., Abdulkina N.G., Smirnova I.N. The biofeedback method with heart rate control as a way to improve the antioxidant and immunomodulatory potential of the complex rehabilitation of athletes after arthroscopic meniscectomy
Balabokhina T.V., Litvin F.B., Rudin M.V. Features of heart rate variability depending on the type of vegetative regulation in boys aged 8-12 years when playing soccer
Gorskaya I.Yu., Bajmakov G.S., Perepletkin A.Yu. Development of coordination abilities of 8-9 years old soccer players with a focus on reducing the severity of motor asymmetry
Polovnikova M.G., Kalinina I.N., Kudryashova Yu.A., Zub M.A. Assessment of physical development of primary school age children engaged in Kyokushin karate
Vereshchagina S.V., Fokin V.A., Smirnova I.N., Abdulkina N.G. Laboratory markers in predicting the effectiveness of velvet antler medication in athletes
Litovchenko O.G., Maksimova A.S., Chirkov A.A. Features of heart rate variability in young volleyball players of Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra
Batrak A.S., Dyakova E.Yu., Khodasevich L.S. Influence of aerobic loads on power indicators of deep neck and back muscles in pregnant women
Bobkov G.S., Zvereva M.V., Bobkova S.N. Features of the cardiac activity regulation in adolescent boys in conditions of distance learning
Dvorkin L.S., Stepanenko D.Yu., Nopin S.V. Features of functional fitness of fifth grade schoolchildren based on interval training