List of articles in category Journal issue Volume 5 №3 for 2021
Fomina E.V., Olenko E.S., Kirichuk V.F., Kodochigova A.I. Features of cerebral hemodynamics in young men with different conditions of adaptive reserves of the organism
Inyushkina E.M., Isakova T.S., Zakharushkina A.A., Inyushkin A.N. Participation of leptin in respiratory regulation at the level of the pre-Bötzinger complex
Kalinina I.N., Klimenko A.A., Mel’nikov A.I., But I.A. Total evaluation of regulatory blood circulation systems of road сyclists
Sverchkov V.V., Bykov E.V. Perceptual responses of people with metabolic syndrome to blood flow restriction strength exercise
Nartikoeva М.I. Studying of the role of the predictor genes polymorphism in the development of metabolic syndrome in personalized prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus (literature review)
Gorskaya I.Yu., Pushkin A.S., Mironenko E.N.,Tereshchenko A.A. Modelling structural elements of competitive activity in special training of qualified racers in BMX
Golubev D.V., Shchedrina Y.A., Kozlov Yu.V., Aceña A.R. Motor performance as a factor of limiting motor capabilities of soccer players
Tarabrina N.Yu. The biomedical assessment of the effectiveness of a distance course in physical culture for students of a special medical group
Smolentseva V.N., Vitman D.Yu., Beloborodov V.A. Mental fitness of basketball players as a factor of the effectiveness of fast break in the conditions of competitive activity
Dubovik A.V., Gorskaya I.Yu., Savchak D.A. Physical fitness of information technology employees of the first period of adulthood
Zelenin L.A., Panachev V.D. Scientifically methodological complex of respiratory training devices for rehabilitation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during and after the pandemic
Mal'tseva N.A., Rasin M.S., Salugin F.V. The development of the municipal flatwork sports infrastructure of Omsk
Malysheva M.V., Nalobina A.N. Physiological substantiation of the formation of complexes of physical therapy for premature infants of the first year of life
Shmidt I.S., Shmidt A.V., Gorskaya I.Yu. Control of morphofunctional indicators of qualified polyathlon athletes (discipline – triathlon with ski racing) within the preparatory stage of the macro cycle
Butrameev A.V., Konovalov V.N. Motor abilities training of 9-11 year old track-and-field athletes with the use of the conjugate influence method
Yakovenko A.A., Kolmakova T.S. Effect of the “Adaptovit” medication on psychophysiological characteristics and the psychoemotional status of dog handlers
Koryagina Yu.V., Popov A.N., Nopin S.V., Abutalimova S.M. Functional state of track-and-field athletes during of the acclimation to the middle altitude conditions, including athletes with COVID-19
Kurch N.M., Ovsyannikova I.A. Coordination abilities development methodology In young athletes with mental retardation
Borisova N.I., Slobodchikova T.A., Sobolev A.G., Arakelyan G.L. Shooting: analysis of new foreign sports training technologies
Romanov Yu.N., Gomzhina Yu.A., Romanova L.A. Fluctuations in skin surface temperature when simulating an effect that interrupts thermoregulation in people involved in cyclic sports
Nopin S.V. Physiological and biomechanical characteristics of lower extremities’ muscles in female boxers during the maximum load test of Bosco repeated jumps
Pustovojt V.I. Features of changes in some indicators of hemodynamics of parachute divers in extreme conditions
Litovchenko O.G., Yusupkhadzhieva L.M., Bolotov S.V., Bozhenko T.A. Physical development of natives of the Middle Ob’ region aged 5-7 years
Legkaya E.F., Kostenko E.V.,Khodasevich L.S. Development of object-manipulative activity of hands under influence of information and communication technologies in patients with infantile cerebral palsy
Postnov Yu.M., Kostyunina L.I. The content of physical culture and sports activities of trainee students for the prevention of deviant behavior of students