List of articles in category Journal issue Volume 5 №1 for 2021
Lavrichenko V.V. Assessment of informativity of sprint tests in the formation of special psychophysical skills of young soccer players
Litosh N.L., Mutagarov R.R., Shmidt A.V. The development of elective courses of the additional physical education program for men-tally retarded schoolchildren 11-12 years old in the “Ski racing” program
Khudoev E.S., Khodasevich L.S., Naslednikova I.O., Khodasevich A.L. Balneotherapy in post-surgical recovery for patients with breast neoplasms at the resort (literature review)
Litovchenko O.G., Litvinova O.S., Solovyova S.V. Features of the dynamics of indicators of the morphofunctional state of female students of Surgut with different levels of motor activity
Lindt T.A., Kalinina I.N., Lunina N.V. Adaptation of hockey players from the perspective of the formation of functional systems
Tsallagova L.V., Maisuradze L.V., Sagkaeva S.V. Prevention measures of placental insufficiency during high-risk pregnancy
Salova Yu.P. Vegetative regulation of the heart rhythm of children learning karate
Efimenko N.V., Abramtsova A.V., Simonova T.M., Semukhin A.N. Evaluation of functional state of the cardiorespiratory system in patients after the covid-19 pneumonia during medical rehabilitation at the resort
Bakin A.V., Voronchikhin D.V., Filippovich V.A. Development of advancement methods of special psychomotor abilities of track-and field sprint athletes
Pushkina V.N., Razmakhova S.Yu., Borisovets D.R., Shirokova T.I. Neuropsychic stability and behavioral strategy of students in conditions of stress
Sazonova E.A., Litvichenko E.M., Bykov E.V., Peremazova R.G. Results of the influence of the author's method of indirect massage on the state of muscles according to surface electromyography
Edilbiev Z.V., Malkarukova A.A., Edilbieva L.V., Fedorov A.A., Gusov R.M. Changes in efficiency markers of therapeutic physical agents and rational pharmacotherapy in elderly patients with chronic generalized periodontitis
Kochergin A.B., Didur M.D., Kusnetsov A.A., Dyshko B.A. The impact of the hardware positive oscillatory expiratory pressure on the external respiratory function of elite swimmers during the acute period of the mountain adaptation
Ujmanova I.P., Sapozhnikova N.V. Influence of ski training measures on the physical state of students
Samojlova A.V., Gostyukhina A.A., Bol’shakov M.A., Svetlik M.V., Doroshenko O.S., Kutenkov O.P., Zaitsev K.V., Rostov V.V. Possibilities to control the proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells after irradiation by nanosecond microwave pulses
Smolentseva V.N., Masnyuk N.E. Psychological readiness as a factor of performance of shooting activity of polyathlon athletes
Shakirova O.V., Stebliy T.V., Popik S.A., Kozyavina N.V., Palchenko A.P. Physical rehabilitation of patients after the joint endoprosthesis replacement using active mechanotherapy
Panchenkova T.A. Development of technology of health-improving classes taking into account the individual and typological special features of mature women
Koryagina Yu.V., Nopin S.V., Abutalimova S.M., Ter-Akopov G.N., Sivokhin I.P. Modern view on physiological an morphological special features of the adaptation of organism of athletes to weightlifting exercises
Razmakhova S.Y., Pushkina B.N., Krasil'nikov A.A., Lyakh V.I. Students' attitude to the formation of personal motor activity
Ter-Akopov G.N. Journal «Modern issues of biomedicine» as a vector of informational activity in the direction of medical and biological support of physical culture and sports
Prikhod’ko A.Yu., Klimov V.M., Ajzman R.I., Krivoshchyokov S.G. The importance of the morphofunctional and personal qualities of healthy young men in providing physical performance at the treadmill stage performance test
Kozin V.V., Novikov A.V., Koshkin E.V., Maksimov G.M. Special features of the situational analysis of competitive activity in playing and combat sports
Venskovich D.A. The history of the evolution of motor culture