List of articles in category Journal issue Volume 5 №2 for 2021
Artemenko T.G., Artemenko E.V., Arzhakova E.V. Impact of adaptive physical culture and sports on the social adaptation of people with hearing impairment
Belousova A.D., Rudneva L.V., Romanov V.A., Kutepova E.A. Influence of hippotherapy training on the development of coordination abilities in primary school children with autism
Eraskin D.A., Nalobina A.N., Krasnov I.V. Experience of application of hydrokinesotherapy for restoring the skill of self-walking after endoproshetics of the joints of the lower limbs
Ilyushchenko N.A., Ragozina O.V., Shevnin I.A., Ragozin O.N. Sex- and age-related special features of spinal curvatures in the frontal plane in children and young people of the northern region with undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia
Kiselyova I.N., Sadovnikova A.M. The method of physical therapy classes for the prevention of emotional burnout syndrome among specialists in adaptive physical culture
Lavrichenko V.V., Zolotaryov A.P., Kalinina I.N. Characteristics of the competence-based approach to the training of young soccer players
Skotnikova A.V., Aleksandrova V.A., Solov’yov V.B., Ovchinnikov V.I. Comprehensive program of physical fitness improvement in primary school
Fadeeva A.Yu., Kudrya O.N. Functional state of vegetative nervous system in children 11-16 years old in sports
Shalabodina V.А., Volkova А.M. The use of hypercapnic effect for optmizing organism’s performance in the mode of educational activity
Bykov E.V., Balberova O.V., Sazonova E.A., Sidorkina E.G. Special features of the morphofunctional state of the cardiovascular system of soccer players according to the results of echocardiography
Reps V.F., Аbramtsova A.V. Effect of selenium-modified mineral water "krasnoarmeyskaya novaya" on the level of antioxidant protection of the liver and brain tissue cells during the recovery period after experimental normobaric hypoxia
Bushenyova I.S., Marchenko A.A., Torosyan I.G. Development of physical qualities among 20-22 years old goalball players
Mendzheritskij A.M., Kravchenko A.V., Bokaryova E.V., Dmitrenko L.M.Age- and sex-related features of anthropometric indicators and coordination qualities in 12-15 years old gymnasts and cheerleaders
Kormilets V.S., Eremeeva O.V., Eremeev S.I. Placebo-controlled study of the effect of biofeedback training on the alpha rhythm of the brain on the electroencephalogram of athletes with mean levels of relative power of the spectrum of heart rate variabil
Orobej M.N., Blinov V.A., Tarasov A.Yu. Anxiety prevention in primary school children, who play soccer
Aver’yanov S.V., Blinov V.A. Development of microcycles and their implementation in the training process of 13-14 years old soccer players at the special preparatory stage of pre-season
Nadtochij A.V., Krutova V.A., Gordon K.V., Filippov F.E. The importance of biofeedback and electric pulse stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles in the prevention of recurrent perineal ptosis in women in the menopause after surgical treatment (literature
Pustovojt V.I., Klyuchnikov M.S., Nazaryan S.E., Eroyan I.A., Samojlov A.S. Heart rate variability as the main method of assessing the functional state of athletes participating in extreme sports
Datieva F.S., Belyaeva V.A., Takoeva E.A., Nartikoeva М.I. Evaluation of the indicators of the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire in medical students
Koryagina Yu.V., Efimenko N.V., Ter-Akopov G.N. , Nopin S.V., Abutalimova S.M. Analytical review and systematization of data from prospective studies related to the examination of the functional state of the cardiorespiratory system of astronauts
Salova Yu.P. Functional state of the cardiorespiratory system of young fencers
Gorskaya I.Yu., Shagarova E.A., Mikhalyov V.I. Morphofunctional status of elite female ski racers
Koryagina Yu.V., Nopin S.V., Ter-Akopov G.N., Akimkina O.N. Development of automated informational system of testing the psychofunctional fitness of children for physical culture classes with beginner judo exercises
Krasil’nikov A.A., Churbanova G.R., Lubyshev E.A.Russian fitness industry in the context of changes related to the covid-19 pandemic
Nalobina A.N., Ermolaev I.L., Kazakova K.M., Tuchin M.V. The influence of the ball serve in volleyball on the result of the match